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Context is lacking, and frankly, it’s a problem.


In today's modern world of quick content and thoughtless consumption, wouldn’t it be nice to take a beat, take a breath and, ya know, get some context around these breaking stories that are so important for us to understand; these major events that shape our country and our world?


This show will dive into the stories behind the headlines–the important people involved, but also the everyday people being affected; the socio-political landscapes influencing them, but also the geo-political landscapes; the ideas being pushed, and the thoughts and feelings those ideas invoke.


Join us.

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I'm Yasmin, and I'm the creator and host of Modern Context. I've always had a passion for asking questions and finding answers, so I’ve inadvertently made a career of chasing stories.

I don't take myself too seriously, and neither should you.


As Seen On: The Young Turks

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